Poem -

Meth psychosis

Alisha, when I fell in love with you it was considered life complete.

Without meth, we would stay up all night sober talking cuz we couldn't sleep.

I also remember telling you in my vow's I wouldn't cheat.

I became weak and failed, starting spending weeks in jail, as I tweaked and

Flailed, the only contact between us was through letters in the mail.

I remember begging you to stay with me as we both went through hell,I was 

Locked up, you were Stuck at home with 3 kids by yourself, being called a bitch by your husband

Thats real.

  I never considered how you felt, I continued doing what I wanted, only 

Worrying about myself, straight selfish as hell. When shit got rough I bailed,

But as soon as I needed help you were there, you always showed me you cared,

I just wared and tared, I was never fair never there, I remember Corey in the

Backseat crying He was scared, two staples in your head blood dripping from your 


  Alisha I disstinctly remember you asking me, "is this love"? I couldn't reply.

I was in shock as I walked out the door, listening to my sister talk to the cops on

Her phone, I turened around and just ran from our home, I watched the cops park at

The end of the driveway blocking the road, when the ambulance showed up my

Whole body went cold, now let me tell you about the point of this poem,

I want you to know that this isn't even a fraction of the memories I hold,

As you read this I cant even begin to describe what your feelin with

The baby in your stomach that grows, memories of the pain in this shows,

The nervousness as you shiver in your clothes, to calm yourself you

Breath air in your mouth slowly releasing it out you nose,

There was a point to this but my pencil just broke.