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A worst nightmare loomed large
notification courtesy Montgomery County
Assistance Office caseworker
implied medical coverage axed
I felt hammered, nailed, shingled out...

livid with rage
frenzied, harried, jarred...
railing away
fit tubby tied to train tracks
ready to kill myself!

Bajillion dollars for medications
yikes - anxiety/panic attacks
slated to return with vengeance,
no way to pay funeral/
cremation services

unable to calm down
a bottle of tranquilizers...
and/or sharp pointed objects
appeared very tempting
questions needed answering ASAP!

Telephone numbers yielded voice menu
dialed Consumer Service Center
for Health Coverage
at long last - thank dog,
a real person!

Whew - informed of short checklist
checking account transactions
backdated to June 2019
until most recent activity
slight sigh of wry tears relief

grace period until August 2019
accessed Citizens account online
of course Login fraught
with problematic issues Yow!

Chose new password
finally accessed anemic
measly anorexic balance
scrolled mouse pointer
highlighted/copied designated date
pasted said information

into Word document
ah...prints esse finally blessed me
folded half dozen plus pages
affixed three postage stamps
out apartment door
slipped material into onsight mailbox.

Breathed sigh of relief
agitation subsided within core
rage against human machine (me)
penuriousness smarted, vetted, yipped...
analogous to pet peeve

emotionally exhausted and spent
penniless poet plopped into bed
instant sleep refreshed
highly cooled figurative heels

subsequently resumed hashtagging
black and decker tooled mindset
concomitant with grievous bitterness
decried flagrantly mucking potential

squandered so many
prime vocational opportunities
severely compromised thank you
loathsome debilitating panic attacks
years gone by

voluntarily enrolled institutions,
albeit of higher learning
hopscotched from one college/
university after another
work historyrecord scattershot

unable to sustain employment
intermittent jobs between
prolonged gaps, deemed
expendable, replaceable, unmarketable...
great boost to self esteem
qualified to receive

Social Security disability
predicated on serious
mental health issues
to recapitulate incapacitated
presumably congenital aberration
other than above internal melee...,
I feel great?

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