Poem -

As One Again

Life can be a bitch.....

I never will forget the day
my world came crashing down
It happened out on highway 6
just right outside of town

My wife and I were headed home
after dinner and a show
When a truck who crossed the center line
gave me nowhere else to go

When I hit the ditch doing 65
all I heard was Tammy scream
Everything around me slowed
like I'd stepped into a dream

We must have rolled at least 3 times
though I'm sure that it was more
Then I asked my wife if she was hurt
as I opened up my door

If she answered me I couldn't hear
for the ringing in my head
So I came around to check on her
and realized she was dead

It'll be a year tomorrow
when my life came to an end
I not only lost my wife that day
but also my best friend

But tonight we'll be as one again
of this I have no doubt
As I place her picture on my chest
and the barrel in my mouth

My final thoughts upon this earth
were of the only love I found
I never will get passed the day
my world came crashing down

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