Poem -

At six I catch the evening train

At six I catch the evening  train

In tune with the endless  rain 
A sad refrain the sidewalk sings . 
Umbrellas open  black and webbed
Like a bats unfurled wings. 

Moving to travel the city streets
Where hearts are tired 
Too tired to sleep. 

Far above my laptop fades
As in the torrents I must wade. 
But in a train ride short and sweet
I have a family to greet 

With children laughing  by the door
A dog that dances on the floor
And at the back my patient Wife
Handling all of our daily life. 

With rising bills and tightened money
She kisses me with a " love you Honey. "
My heart relaxes.all burdens unfurled 
And all's worthwhile in my tiny world

judes note
the anthem of a working man. 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jude..I don't think there is anything more sweet than to be a part of a family and the simple daily life things...I would not want a life any other way.  Routine and place are comforting to me.  Thanks for sharing.  xo ;) 

Gerard McGowan

I have great respect for the working man, especially when the end result is caring for his family, my dad worked hard all his life and provided for us all, he never had any money but always fed us and put clothes on our backs.

Great poetry Jude.