Poem -

Autumns first breath

Autumns first breath

I watched the sunset tonight
show the changes in my trees.

Emphasised and embellished
in the forge glow of a dying sun.

I watch as my gods begin to turn gold.
Bathed in gloaming light.
I know the change has begun.

Watch the last light fade.
Listening to music.
Pink Floyd, Talk Talk, John Coltrane.

Window still open at 11pm.
Not even slightly cold.

I breathe deep.
Tasting autumns first breath,
awaiting autumns first golden dawn.

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Tony Taylor

Dear poet brother NIGEL,
I can see you, "Windows still open at 11pm..." as you sit crafting this piece..... it's such a 'laid back' approach to bathing in the light of autumn's inspiration......I LOVE it brother!!........ the colors being influenced by your music choices........ wish I could have shared in those moments with you my friend!!...... the magic is apparent in your words!!!......ALL STARS!!...... well penned brother!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Nigel Cresswell

Ah, Tony mate the trees are only just beginning to change. From where I am on the top hill I have a month or two of spectacular colours to look forward to. I love autumn.

Cherie Leigh

Hi Nigel..You give that first hint of Autumn's return.  It is still very green and hot (in the 90s) here in NC and it does not show signs of Fall yet.  But I do love that transition time when you start seeing peeks of color and the air becomes crisp and with that subtle chill that introduces the seasons changing.  Beautiful portrayal.  xo ;) 

Nigel Cresswell

Thanks Cherie, 
The leaves are only just beginning to change here. The nights are still quite warm. The change is in the air though and you can kinda smell the difference in the way the trees smell at night. Hence the poem. 
Thanks again