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5:30am awaken by a mystical force dragging out of my dream, again. 
I open my eyes, I see but I cannot move, I cannot move my eyes. 
I try to call for help but I am muted, I cannot breathe. 
My chest feels heavy falling deep into hollows of my living corpse.
I feel rasping statics sailing across every inch of my body. 
I’m sinking into torments of my worst fears. 
My muscles are numb, but I feel  pins dancing across the maps of my skin.
Infuriated by panic I gasp for air, I cannot last any longer.
Feeling like me and my body has split. A lifeless figure and me. No longer a One. 
I’m scared. Wake me up, please cut me out of this scene. 
Helpless and frozen I try to move, shift a finger, blink, breathe!
To spark a nerve in any of my limbs, to feel again..
A sudden burst of electricity radiated through my body.
Hit by what feels like lightening I awake in awe, trembling. 
I take a swift look around me. But I find nothing new to what I saw before.
Did this really just happen or was it just a nightmare. 
I cannot tell anymore.
All I know is that me and my body are one.
I am now awake, again. 

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Ian William

Very well written! I know this feeling all too well, paralysed by ghosts as they feed off your energy and leave you drained. Of course anyone without intuition will call it sleep paralysis.