Poem -

Baby blue skies

Have you ever felt that you have been locked away for a very long time and one day you were released from hell What if when you were young your soul was held captive by an evil spirit that imprison you so you could not tell
He controlled you're mine and you were frozen in terror unable to move or even make a sign
Now after 45 years your able to live life but you stare because you don't even know how to ask you have to relearn how to even use a knife
 How to learn to read to write to spell how to cry how to speak how to walk and talk you forgot how many times you fell
 You kept picking yourself up and continued and you never stopped trying No matter how hard it got you continue to fight on through all the lies and all the deceipt and all the crying
Now the roads you travel are paved
 No more dirt muddy bumpy roads they are behind you your life has just open for you with open Skies open roads Open Hearts and skies that are baby blue

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