Poem -

chatroom queen

She was known as the chatroom Queen she knew what was going on before it even happened here and there the ins and outs and the in-betweens
She was hot to trot always looking like a diamond ring She have more jewelry on her then the New York Stock Exchange she is what made the word bling
Oh she was smart and cute as a tart
 100% all lady she was very kind and nice unless she found out you were mean shady
She was both Fire on the left and Ice on the right and if you got both barrels at the   same time that wasn't very nice
 She'll come after you until it hurts and then you get your face throne down into the dirt
Don't lie cheat steal from the Chatroom Queen yeah she's nice but she was raised in the hood she knows how to dish it out my own eyes have seen
 Like every Queen she can put up a wall  Then she can sit and listen to everything poeple say and not say one unkind word at all
I have seen a her digging ditches helping to remove stitches
She can multitask faster than a multimillion-dollar computer and do it better oh God she never breaks the rules she's does everything by the  letter 
She works hard everyday getting the juicy squishy and splashy info On the ones that don't want you to know
The here and there the ins-and-outs and the in-betweens
She is the Chatroom Queen

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