Back To My Roots

Back To My Roots

Let's go back to my roots,
Back to what I know.
How to be real,
How to let you know.
Let you know you're not alone,
that you're not the only one,
That I suffer too,
That my will to live is gone.
I haven't been real for a while,
And I am truly sorry for that. 
But I'm back, I'm real,
In my old chair, I'm sat. 
Reminiscing of my past,
And how it never lasts,
And how I used to be happy,
But now that time has passed.
I'll say it once more, I'm back,
So sit down, relax.
Listen to me speak,
And let me tell you all the facts...


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Derani Moore

I just love this poem.  It shows the essence of character which is easily overlooked by today's fast tracked society.