Poem -


The sorrow of day
In the darkness of light
And the power of ones own mind

The demons can walk
And run if you'll let
And devastate all they see

For the power of doubt
Alone with yourself
Can break a man in half

So to keep them away
And barriers true
A simple method i give

Alone in the night
And surrounded by day
A memory hold so true

The perfect time
Inside of your head
A time without fear and doubt

Embrace this time
No sorrow or dark
Allow the light to shine

Through my darkest hour
A light shone through
A becon of love and hope

A dark within
A power strong
A time of true regret

The light shone down
I saw you there
Still side by side we were

You know not now
Nor ever will
The power of the mind

It tears through flesh
And bone the same
And hearts alone do break

Alone i stood
Throughout the cowd
With silent screams unheard

My mind did break
And i alone
Did crumble in the storm

You stood there true
And offered me
A hand along the way

My darkest hour
The black of night
My beacon in the storm

Please take my heart
It belongs to you
Be it broken and torn

My gift to you
Alone i give
No other can recieve

Its yours to own
Do as you wish
Just please my dear



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