Poem -


I can’t let go of you,
I can’t forget.
I can’t believe in who,
You have now suddenly become,
Was you this person all along?
I can’t get over how much pain I’m feeling
I can’t get over that you two were meeting
Both of you telling me constant lies
Knowing I already want to fucking die.
I don’t really see the use like
My feelings you enjoying breaking
My dignity you enjoyed taking
If that’s not evil then I don’t know what is
You want to really see me rot after all this?
No matter what I told you I’d always be there,
That was before you decided to idealise and share.
Meeting each other behind my back,
You’ve hurt my head I’m losing track.
My heart which was broken before,
The pieces scattered all over the floor.
Too many to actually sit and count
No idea how I’ll ever be able to mount
All the pain and thoughts in my head,
The words and phrases you always said.
I promise you I’ll always be here
I promise you have nothing to fear
I promise you it’ll all be ok
I promise you I’m here to stay
I promise you it won’t end this way
I promise you I don’t see him that way
But now a promise means nothing from you
I can’t believe what’s happened, I really don’t know you.
Can’t believe all the thoughts in my head,
Can’t comprehend everything you have said.
I still miss you after everything you have done, 
I can’t forget about you.

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