Poem -

better than this

Your heart is crafted out of diamond and gold,
remember to remind the world that you are priceless.
You're the kind of exquisite
people can't put price tags on,
the kind even rich people long for.
You are sweeter than any bite of karma.
I must admit,
I've met few in my life
who match your emission of warmth and comfort.
I have grown to adore you as deeply as my mother does,
after just one meeting.

Your worth should not be dulled by some drunk
swinging around a vodka tonic
like it's a winning lottery ticket.
Your smile should not be dimmed
by his gunshot words.
Your beauty should never be tarnished
by his abuse.
You are far greater than his torment
and more powerful than his hatred.
He will never reach the pinnacle of your splendour,
and trust me when I say
you are far more than he
ever will be.

So, you should remember,
on days when you happen
to forget:
You do not deserve
what he has brought to you,
and you never have.
You have always, however,
deserved better
than this.

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