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Billy the big Boxer

Billy the big Boxer

“Go fetch Billy” as his master throws a stick
Billy the big boisterous Boxer pup doesn’t miss a trick
But as his two front legs touch the wet edge of the salty sea
His hinder end with his backside sits down defiantly
“Billy boy go get it lad “ his master shouts out again 
Billy shuffles himself further from the water thinking “My master must think I’m insane”

Playing games and fetching sticks is right up Billy’s street, but there’s absolutely no way he will get cold wet feet . You’d think his owner would have him well sussed my now, well if he didn’t know before today he will know now anyhow . He simply doesn’t do cold water in any shape or form, Infact it wouldn’t be inviting even if it was warm . So as the years passed by and Billy boy got older, it didn’t make him any braver and certainly no bolder

Not once in the twelve years had Billy boy went in the sea, apart from an accident when he fell in on his knee . but Billy got such an awful fright on that absolutely baltic winter’s night . So ever since that mishap water makes him uptight . With every outcome by happenstance there has been an action of chance . There will always be a reason beyond one’s fear and if one delves into the past then the paranoia is clear

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Marion Price

Jill Greg's challenge is up...get writing your pickled onions are out of date  😆