Poem -

Bleeding Out

I bled out so long ago
Any feeling I might have had has disappeared
Along with the loving look you often had on your face
So many roads we have traveled, so many wrong turns
I fear there is no finding our way back

The wounds that you dealt have left scars
They stand out starkly upon my back
I see the scars I have createdĀ 
Someone pleaseĀ takesĀ these weapons
Away from our untrained hands

My optimism pains youĀ 
I can see the agony on your faceĀ 
When there is a smile on mine
How have we journeyed so far side by side
Yet ended up thousands of miles apart

The promises we have madeĀ 
All brokenĀ 
Guilt should cancel out guilt
That way no one would ever have to leave broken
I wipe the tears I created from your eyes

I feel the ending of this part of the story
Rapidly approaching
A truce has been unspokenly made
Compromise has finally been learned
Will it be enough

We have loved each otherĀ 
Throughout the eons of time
This lifetime has ravaged our souls
I feel the poison coursing through my veins
Valuable lessons we were forced to learn

The world was crashing down upon us
Yet neither one had the ability to walk away
The ripping in our souls more painful
Then the wounds we inflicted on each other
Peace between us is finally on the horizon

The courage to reach for it
Is so much harder
Then all the conflicts we have fought
Afraid of the illusion
One touch and it will disappear

I beg of you
Just one last time
Put your hand in mine
Let us attain
The unattainable

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