Poem -

My Best friend

My Best friend

All those years when you were growing so fast
Your laughter no sweeter soundĀ haveĀ I heard
Tiny fingerprints I knew would not last
An impossible wish forĀ timeĀ deferred

Snowy day's play-acting Lord of the Rings
Dodging spider webs in the summer heat
The livingroom cluttered with your plaything's
I long for those days with every heartbeat

The need to see your face overwhelmsĀ me
You are over a thousand miles away
I try to stop the tears from breaking free
When you are not withĀ me,Ā my world isĀ grey

From the tempestuous child that you were
You're now my best friend my soulĀ whisperer

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Marion Price

Can relate, heartfelt write šŸŒ¹šŸŒ¹