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Blissful emotional, physical, and spiritual state

Blissful emotional, physical, and spiritual state

no rhyme nor reason
explains ecstatic feeling woke
bright eyed and bushy tailed psyche
weight of the world
(think Atlas shrugged)
and/or mysterious Sisyphus

regarding former fate did unyoke,
while immense burden freed the latter
either one or 't'other analogy
allowed, enabled, and provided
unexpected reprieve, each reconnoitered

at convenient joint
rolled their own,
and took prolonged smoke
felt themselves as if in dreamland
hooping, pray née wishing

never to provoke...
stealing their lightness
of being with one thunderstroke
of wand, now think Voldemort
(Harry Potter nemesis), i.e.a mean bloke

exempli gratia re: "theft of death"
one whose path,
I would never fain
to cross, wha... iz zat
some kinda lame joke???

Nevertheless the two,
albeit fictitious gents
aforementioned larger
than life characters,
no no no... agents
provocateurs did espouse feeling

unbridled exuberance
communicated nonverbal
crystal clear subtle signals
to each the other regarding
most striking events
exceeding giddiness re:

measured in iambic accents,
than any costly expense
sieve sabbatical writing poetry,
especially Mephistophelean tense
chock full of suspense
romance, drama, comedy...

danse macabre no absence
spanning any genre
plus unfortunately saddled with immense
Earth shaking burdens without sense
and sensibility, hence...
analogous to this poem,
not worth two pence!

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