Poem -

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

Dastardly thwart utmost belied
Rest in peace Bonnie and Clyde
No honorable passage for thee
Bullets score, I guarantee

Along a deserted path
Lawmen exact bloodbath
Riddled by projectile render
No chance for final surrender

Faulty t'was bias reaction
Cast upon poetic impassion
Sojourn on mortal plane
Brief a deviant campaign

Come hither just dessert
Spasm upon steely assert
Entombed miles apart
Ne'er to caress counterpart

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A Lonely Journey

Awesome, Red.Β 
Aren't they just such a curious phenomenon, those two? It's funny, I just watched something on them a little while back, and it was just so curiously engrossing. What is it? Is it the love scene behind the relentless bloodbath? lol. I don't know, we're a strange people.Β 
Loved the writing, though!Β 

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lisa....I did not know that they were not allowed to be buried close and miles apart....It is almost like society's last vengeful thing to do.Β  Somehow, I think these two will find each other again...I never understood how they got so messed up...when originally they said they would never kill anyone in their robberies....It just got way out of hand....Great tribute to the infamous duo. xo Love n Hugs