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Brains V Beauty 🤣

Brains V Beauty 🤣

Just had a message from my youngest daughter
She is working this week down south
I receive her daily news on watsap
Tho we never talk using our mouth

I often wonder what work she does
She is a technical engineer
Tho even if she explained it to me
I’d still be clueless I fear

Well I know what she is doing today
Probably right now as I speak
She just said on Watsap
She is making something very chic

I’ll show you the picture she sent me
She said”look what I’m making”
I took one glance at it & asked her
“Is this yours for the taking”?

Haha I haven’t had a reply as yet
I likely won’t today
This lass is always busy or shes sleeeepy she does say

Well Amanda will be in her element
This lass loves a fine car
To think she’s contributing designing it
Yes this little lady is a star

But shes just like her two 
They are all surprisingly very clever
I don’t know who they take after
I don’t think its me so ‘Well I never!”

I guess brains must be from their Dad
But please don’t tell him I told you so
Haha thats not a trait that brothers me
They got their good looks from me you know 😁


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Nigel Cresswell

Wow ! An Aston Martin concept car ! She must be top of her game.

Jill Tait

Aww thank you she does have a great job xx