Poem -

Brave New World (part 2)

Step no. 1 - we're all the same colour, brown will do,
no more discrimination between him, me and you,
step no. 2 - there's only one creator, that's enough,
now we can see, no more 'whiners,' whose made of the right stuff.

Step no. 3 - punishment, not robots, must have 'failsafe' app,
if you're off-line, you won't be allowed to fall into the same trap,
step no. 4 - procreation has to be monitored, your free will,
stop thinking it's boring, you have no solutions to overkill.

Step no. 5 - status, the unthinkable, no more jealousy,
we're congratulatory, but not without critique, all enjoy mystery,
step no. 6 - we want to know our balance, where we stand,
but when we find it, the flames of fire have not been fanned.

Finally, for those who do not wish to live forever, choice
will not be yours, you were out-voted by a spiritual voice.

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