Poem -

Broken Angel

Broken Angel

When my dark side is at it's peak
tears make an effort to endure the pain.
Wings of freedom torn apart,
I'm an angel who has landed on the ground.
The tenuous grip on reality, lost profusely
and descending slowly into a nightmare.
My odyssey towards perfection
fetches me a prize to pay, untold.
My wings of innocence and grace are replaced
with hallucinations of dark and sensual.
The essence of dark passion,
invades my struggle to maintain sanity,
and my heart is lost......
Sold off to the devil of madness.
with tears of black, sorrow and regret
with smiles of red, sultry and tempting
my conscience is gone.....
Yet in this recklessness, perfection I crave,
my transformation threatens to destroys me,
but this side refuses, it's the end...
And I fall, only to rise with wings of black
a Broken Angel.

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al Bikaadi

Can relate to that... But there is no black and white only rainbows either hidden deep or shallow on display πŸ˜‰