Poem -

The Sweetest Lie

The Sweetest Lie

He was cruel, everybody said.
He was hated by all, no regrets.
I was a new beginning,
And he was the painful ending.
We are one and the same.
He was never a sin,
As I was never born a boon.
I hurt more, yet the curses fell on you.
You embraced them all,
putting those restless souls to peace.
Tears filled your eyes,
Enduring the crimes of a lifetime.
Fingers trembled,
Yet they caressed the crucified.
Voice crumbled,
Soothing the darkness within.
His ending brought them the truth inside,
And my beginning told people lies...
People cursed their lives when met by him,
He took it all, 
but I swear by god, 
Never had a person looked more beautiful in his broken smile.
I was Life.
And he was Death.
Never had any mortal said:

'I was ready to jump into your arms...
No regrets, No demands.
Yet life didn't want to part....
She held on tightly to me as I was about to fall...'


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Beautifully written