Poem -

Broken Heart With Death Behind

Broken Heart With Death Behind

My heart is broken with death not far behind
I gave my heart to the one that I loved
For you were the only one who I loved
Now death can claim my soul 
For the one I loved is gone never to return

I cry with each and every tear is a memory
Of the times we talked
The times we laughed
The times we cried 
To the times we feel asleep on the phone

But now death ever closer
Coming to collect my soul 
I fought until I couldn't no more
I cried until there is no more tears
For death is now here to collect my soul 

As death is about to collect my soul 
I cry out one last tear
For you to remember
Our talks laughs cry's and the time we fell asleep on the phone
As my soul leaves my body and leaves me cold

My one request is for you to be happy 
And know how much you really meant to me 
I hope the next guy treats you 
Like the queen you were to me 

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Joseph Adams

I want to just say thank you I hope that you keep in joying my poetry.