Poem -

Broken Short by a Broken Story

Recurring prisons of defeated valid faithfulness.
Collapsing pinnacles of meant soulful amorousness.

Confined to suffering, deluged by lavished self-concept.
Punished for solicitude, forsaken unto anguish. 

Scrutinising prodigy, fracturing individual beings soul.
Corroding flesh, tarnishing essence, of all core that’s to be proposed.

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Tony Taylor

Hey TIANA!!..... I'm so sorry to hear of the inspiration
Behind this piece......I think most poets can relate to this
And the tremendous emotion that drive a write like this!!....
I can certainly recall those unbelievably powerful feelings
When I experienced a similar situation.....I don't think I left
My room for over a week and wrote a song and a BUNCH
Of poetry......I guess it's a way writers deal with it!!..... Anyway,
I just wanted touch base and remind you that Cosmo is
Always here for you......I noticed that you disappeared there
For a while...... Missed you while you were gone!!..... keep writing
Dear poet sister!!...... you've got skills.....I think I mentioned that before
And If wasn't there to subsequently support you further I apologize..... had a LOT to deal with my self!!....... anyway......I am your cyber-friend and admirer!!.......T xo¬†¬†ūüźß‚úī‚̧
Ps. It Wasn't Love and It Wasn't Lust ~ was an amazing write


Katina Woodruff...

What a great critique. Thanks, Tony. I just asked Tiana, what was the inspiration for the poem. :)

Katina Woodruff...

Very descriptive poem. I loved the word choices and how you set the poem up. I would like to know more about the inspiration behind the poem. Thank you for sharing your poetry. I'm having fun, reading your new poems. 

Tiana Devlin-Sailor

Hey Katina

You wanted to know what my inspiration for this piece was, and firstly that is a really good question.! ūüėÖ I ask myself the same thing believe it or not haha.¬†

In regards to this one though, my inspiration from that moment in time arose, from the deep emotions and feelings I personally was entwined upon.

I would really think about myself, yet only to myself,  reaching a certain point of engulfment when imagining my then reality.

From those feelings and emotions, I could clearly direct a visual representation, outlaying the perspective of myself, seen from multiple angles at the one time, in my own thoughts.

In gaining such an image in my head, each emotion of the words I wrote would compliment the next, as if watching a film roll play but consisting of only the feelings of individual words I let be.

I do apologise if reading all that completely, makes no sense at all to you, but I trust you will see to understand what I mean. I can’t help it though really because once I start to write I just don’t seem to stop haha.

Hope you got a clearer picture on what inspired me here and elsewhere.

Thanks again ūüėä

Katina Woodruff...

You are a lyric at heart. Even in your reply, I could tell how much you enjoy creative writing. I've only been a member here since mid December. I'm finding a lot of poetry and short stories that have truly blown me away. 

Happy New Year
Never stop writing.