Poem -

Burnt Carbon [ALT VERSION No. 1]

Burnt Carbon [ALT VERSION No. 1]

A lightning Flash.
I roll out of bed-
And land on my ass.
I utter no words, only a gasp
As the house trembles with thunder
like wind shakes the grass.
A sparkle, a glint-
the flicker of flint-
embers float around the room
brushed by tropical winds
as soon as it starts,
that's where is ends;
ashes fall to the sheets-
and the fire begins.
my mother rushes in,
and tries to put it out-
she covers the flames,
but it takes a different route.
my dad keeps his distance,
and fights the ignition-
but fanning it makes it bigger-
so he runs with no inhibition.
they try to help,
but it only makes it worse-
thus becoming a battle
of who's getting out first-
to make it thru this fire-
despite sacrifice and hurt-
it is my life-
it is my world-
but what is the human race?
what are we at our core?
are we the fire that burns with rage?
or the burnt carbon on the floor?
to get out of the chaos,
over splinters and burns-
that is my life,
my world....
....that is my curse.

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very good write enjoyed reading.


Shawn Naquin

thank you! I'm putting two out today, and I just recorded them. :) time for rapΒ