Poem -

Can't get you .

No hopes up so less likely to have so far to fall .  Not expecting anything so have hit rocks in this menapuause . No desire to be older . Kinda sick of it . Needed a new start with fate . If I'm not supposed to create a new life   . Then I guess giving him a reason to love is enough . Who am I kidding , not myself unfortunately . No hopes in my future we are both broke.  Begging God won't help my body conceive at my age. It would be stupid anyway not many years left to give away . I guess I can't get you , no miricle of that nature for me . Concentrate on something else I guess . World is a fucking mess anyway . No children should suffer the end of the earth . Maybe it's kinder to not conceive you . Maybe it's kinder that I can't get you . Who am I kidding , not myself . Your all I think about . So sad I can't get you and the family of a mum and dad and baby too . Menapuause a reminder I'm closer to death  . The climate change and weird weather a reminder we are all extremely in danger of extinction . 

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