Poem -

Can't say goodbye.

friends like you are hard to find
Why is the world so unkind,
Fought so long and hard
Tried all you could to beat
This disease.
Cancer what's the deal
You make life's unreal
Give them pain and heartache
To much to bare they break.
My friend you are a inspiration
Smiling your way to different nations
Looking for some cure scouring everything to score
To win a battle that you've fought so hard, now you say
There's no hope won't be long
Till the day your gone.
Asking people if they want
To visit you say goodbye,
I'm sorry I can't do it
That's why I wrote you a note
So you'd understand 
Since we were 12 till now
You've been the best guy 
To know let me act and bend your ear
Whilst you were fighting and being brave.
So dear mark my friend my mate, words can't say anything or help,
Love you lots thinking of you
And your wife two beautiful girls to be proud off
You will have the best send of.
Thankyou for being you
For being always true
Thankyou for your friendship
Through the years and thanks
For listening to my fears.
Your loved so much by all
Shows by the support .
So mark its never goodbye
I'll know when I look into the sky
When you've left and there's no pain one day I will see you again.
Let your light shine bright and never forgot,
Taught us things we never knew so thanks I can't say it enough
Toodles my angel to be
You've earnt you wings 
I won't forget one thing.

Mark story age 46 fighting bowl cancer x my friend

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