Poem -

Can't YOU see her?

[ suicide awareness ]

Can't YOU see her?

Can't you see it?
She is crying
Can you see it in that smile?
The most iconic
Mask of misery
Can’t you see it
When she begins to shake
From the pain that Is ripping her apart 
But you are blind to it
She is just invisible ink
Cool to mess with every once in a while
But you can’t see it
Unless you really want to
A machine
Built for a purpose
One purpose
That machine needs to learn how to do its job
Because it is falling apart
But no renovations
Instead let’s grab a hammer
And push the nails
Of what you think
Into its hardware
Because pain is beauty 
But pain
Is looking at yourself
And knowing that your body could of been
Smashed to pieces
With the red oil from your machine like arteries
Spilling into the concrete
Is that beautiful world?
Can’t you see it you hide behind a facade
That is a mask of in itself

You don’t have a reason to step on the ants
You just know you don’t like them
and your pesticides didn't work
so now you use something more toxic
you wont stop
until the "pest" is gone

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