Poem -

Casualty Of Circumstance

Casualty Of Circumstance 

I tarnished your evil desire to hate me before the saints of steel 
I knew your skeletons were about to blossom from the dirt 
A garden of unkept secrets kept the anguish alive 
Trapped in an inferno of your own transgressions you tried to extinguish the pain by blaming me 
I never engage with wounded prey 
You despised what I have become and continue to transcend into 
I am not the same boy you used to know 
With respect I must decline your invitation 
To still pity you after all these years aches with insanity but heals with accomplishment. 

The bitterness you inhale 
It’s a toxic paradox trapping us both in a game neither of us know who started 
I refuse to keep watching over you 
Playing the mother to a childless soul hurt more than pretending everything was fine 
I had to be the father I never knew to a son who was a casualty of circumstance 
You may have put me in your thoughts but I was never really in your prayers. 

Yes I miss the days when there still was this idea of normal for you 
That was never the objective when it came to me 
Why am I always the survivor? 
I stopped asking that question when you finally admitted your failures 
You now and always will have me to look at as a casualty of circumstance. 

© 2018 Randle Allshouse Jr.

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