Poem -

Catch and Release

Catch and Release

You were born with craftsman hands
you’d spin baskets with your talented fingers
and I was the rattan you shaped into life
you bent and twisted me into a model most peculiar and showed me off and discarded me when you were done 
In the next lifetime, you were Cupid and I was your arrows 
you would launch me at unwanting targets and force your hand in matters not your own
you grew frustrated with the world and broke me in half
we died, I became soft grass, you were a lawnmower
I grew tall and beautiful, nurturing to those around me
at my peak you cut me down, small and short, just the way you like 
I was a planet, you were my moon
you crashed into me and set my world on fire 
I woke and saw that I became my mother
I watched myself grow and learn and love you
you were so charming, and beautiful and heartbreakingly toxic
I watched myself die from the bullets from your mouth
We were cosmic dust, floating in space
our atoms pulled together by some strange force
when we touched, the universe began and our doomed, wretched race commenced


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This idea was much better in my head😅 also I apologize for any grammar mistakes