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Chemtrails skys

Chemtrails skys

I just can't believe my eyes
all these chemtrails in the sky's
are they trying to instill us with apathy 
with the Prozac they spray us with daily
aluminium sulphate in the fuel
of the planes overhead all day
watch them block the sun
and darken the brightest day
H.A.A.R.P is what it is called
golbal is the area it involves
all of us will be at risk 
when the government has control of this
make it rain where ever they please
hurricanes that will bring you to your knees
nothing at all we can do
because for months the governments been drugging you
from above so no where to hide
chemicals are in your system alive
preping us for the next stage
dna  updates will be all the range
and when watching tv
youll turn into a zombie 
not a real one
its just a discription
of how we will act after the affliction 
nations of slaves
to the Devine race
but aren't we already
fighting there wars like a programmed robot
unable to choose your own fate
is it too late? 

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Gerard McGowan

Just breathe it in Sarah, they can't get you when your dead. Check out my masterplan.