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This very April marked the sign,
Of 20 years since columbine,
When two boys filled with rage and spite,
Shot 13 peers dead on sight.

Now I look back and wonder why,
Those 13 children had to die,
And how it seems at 18 years old,
Those little boys had guns to hold.

Surly it’s worth the discontentment?
To ban the great 2nd amendment,
If it means that as years come to pass,
Our children aren’t scared of going to class.

And yet in two decades of rise and fall,
We’ve really learnt nothing at all,
As as the world has grown more strange,
Ignorance never seems to change.

While the NRA pays trumps expenses,
Our children face the consequences,
Financed by foolish gun fanatics,
Teens battle semi automatics.

Cannot they see in self reflection,
Machine guns aren’t for self protection,
And without a change of heart and law,
We’ll lose another 13 more.

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Hello Emily...

Crazy people drive their cars into crowds killing several  people at once...

Does that mean that everyone should not drive their cars?

I've been around guns my whole life...

If my Dad didn't have one my whole family would have been dead when I was a baby back in 1967...

We didn't have all those problems in Schools when we had prayer...

We didn't have shooter drills we didn't have lock down...

Anyone could have come in and kidnapped us all and no one would have been the wiser on what to do...

Children were taught differently than they're taught today...

You can't discipline kids today...

They are more subjected to violence than any generation before...

My generation didn't have all these violent shows on T.V. and all the violent Video games that kept us entertained for hours and hours everyday...

Blame the current President?

Someone gets Pneumonia and dies it's his fault too...

Thank you for sharing...




Emily Stone

Thanks for your input sparrow song,
i would like to make it clear that I am not against guns, in fact I too have also been around them for most of my life, however what I find crazy is that kids not only have access to guns but extremely destructive semi automatic weapons which are not necessary for hunting nor self defence.
im not calling for a ban on guns altogether but tighter control on who they’re sold to.
furthermore, though it is true that kids today face a lot of violence in the media, this a trend seen across the globe, not just in the US. Despite this, no other country in the globe has the same number of school shootings and attempted school shootings as the US, who coincidently has the most lenient gun laws.
my frustration with trump is not because I think he is to blame for the massacres across America, however he is is at fault for not implementing better preventative measures. I personally believe that giving teachers guns is NOT a way to prevent gun violence.