Poem -

"Coming to Grips and Goodbyes"

"Coming to Grips and Goodbyes"

"I'm content in knowing,
that I don't seek,
or am here to settle any Earthly scores.

God has instilled Divine Peace in me,
I feel it in my spine,
for I am not out there searching for more,
or researching,
drastic, desperate, panicked ways,
to accelerate my rate of decay.

The veil has been lifted,
off of my eyes,
and everyday I am learning,
to live with their lies,
and the ones I told myself,
especially the deep seeded ones I kept,
close to my swollen heart when I had nothing else,
and as I look down at these hands,
I am coming to grips and goodbyes,
with what they demand,
so I can come to understand,
how to best serve and help The Lost People,
that walk and wander this land."

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