Poem -

"God Is Real!"

"God Is Real!"

"Hear me now,
abolish your doubt,
by praying to find out,
what God is about!

It's a tool of the devil,
to be rebuked,
as soon as it appears!
Come with me,
my brothers and sisters,
let us draw near,
to The Wellspring of Life,
and do away with our divisions,
and all of our strife!

For to me,
The Presence of God,
is undeniable!
So many Confirmations,
I have already seen!

Signs Holy,
so pointing The Way,
ushering in The Greatest Change,
Hallelujah oh God,
and for The All Power,
In Jesus's Name!

Hold fast to God's Hand,
and let us all,
make Our Stand In Him,
from right now to eternity,
as we keep constantly learning,
and constantly giving,
to make our lives,
so very worth remembering!"

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Awesome aweinspiring poem inviting to God so poetically. Kudos.

pls pleez do review/ comment/ write your thoughts as to my newest poem too.