Poem -

"Dear Sunflower Sweet!"

"Dear Sunflower Sweet!"

"Oh my dear,
Sunflower Sweet!
Your smile lifts me simply,
straight off of my feet,
and I constantly thank,
The Lord Above,
that He has united me,
with My True Love!

Ms. Dreamy Daisy,
oh Sunflower Sweet,
Our Love Is In Christ,
and can never be beat!
No other lady,
fond or fair,
will ever compare,
to Our Love Intertwined,
on God's Glorious Vine!

Precious Partner,
My Ravishing Red Rose,
this loves makes me,
so delightfully wiggle my toes,
and I wait patiently,
until the destined day,
I will be able to kiss your forehead,
your cheeks and your nose!

My Praise to The Lord,
will last throughout eternity,
for this Godly Woman,
He has set before me,
for Our Love has no barriers,
isn't impeded by space or time,
and I am so very blessed,
to call you mine!"

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