Poem -

"In Your Forever Lord!"

"In Your Forever Lord!"

"Our Souls will forever be,
joined In Christ's Love,
because Jesus You are,
and will always be,
so much more than enough,
and as I look in her eyes Lord,
I shake with joy,
and light up,
from the inside out!
That's what Your Love Through Us,
is all about!

Let it ignite this world,
stir the spiritually dead,
so all will live for You instead,
and all we do and sing,
let it bring,
oh let it bring,
The Utmost Praise and Glory,
To The Most Powerful Name!

Through us Lord,
help this whole world change,
for the most bestest better,
and keep us oh Lord,
In You forever,
and use us mightily,
to Build Your Kingdom together,
In Jesus's Name I pray, amen!"

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Jesus always hears the prayers of the redeemed angel amen