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Composer of creation

Composer of creation

I can’t hear a thing when I am reading my book
I don’t know what is around about me coz I don’t bother to look
Why would I want to when I am lost in my bubble
feeding my fascination with minimum of trouble
In my moment of mindfulness from what I have read 
All the interesting excitement amidst an Authoresses  head
She is earnest, insightful
sensible and smart
narrating her novels to nourish one’s heart

So sagacious, scholarly 
well-versed and worldy wise
I feast on her fabrication
envisioning her eyes
I form a mental mirage from amidst my imagination
My Authoress is a mentor of musing meditation
I feel like I know her so well with her reverie of deliberation
her plan and purpose of consideration
Thank you so kindly my composer of creation
You are an ink slinger
A wordsmith with your origination


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Marion Price

I can relate...reading is my lifeline xxx

Jill Tait

Awww Marion reading is food for the brain ❤️❤️❤️