Poem -




Away those things, them jagged wings
the staring eyes and painfull stings,
shards of glass that stab your mind
the deep black scars they leave behind.

Twisted thoughts that haunt your night,
the lies you tell so you just might
get through the day so no one knows
the secret that your poor soul holds.

Insanity seeps through every pore,
it kicks and screams. It bites and gnaws.
It takes until there's nothing to give.
It drains the very life i live.

This daydream state that others see,
is brain in combat constantly.
To keep these creatures from the door
defence against the tooth and claw.

The battle rages day and night,
I know that I will loose this fight.
Their voices chant, we'll win we'll win. 
Concentrate or they'll get in .

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