Poem -



Everyone has been bullied but nobody was a bully
Isn’t that silly?

So forgive me for my honesty
Lord have mercy, 'for I have been a bully'

There are reasons I could be a mean one
I’ll give you a few examples of some

Annoying oranges I would crush
Disruptive jackasses I would beat up

Grade school tattle tails ever ready to snitch
Killjoys and whiners that always have a bitch

They all became objects that I’d despise
When they saw me coming they’d cower and hide

The worst to whom I would be mean
Were those who demanded to be seen

Attention whores I would humiliate and buffoon
Munchausen trollers I’d always lampoon

Yes it’s true, though I was bullied
I could be a bully too

So what about you?
Do you suffer from selective déjà vu?

Before you lament on how you suffered
Think about how you treated others

Then take a look in the mirror
You maybe that which you most fear

The biggest bully you’ve ever knew
Might be the one looking back at you

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