Poem -

You're in Our Payers and Thoughts

You're in Our Payers and Thoughts

Thoughts and prayers
Prayers and thoughts
Who gives a fuck
When we condone
Mass shoot-ups
Time to quite saying
That we should be praying
Stop this assault rifle insanity
And put an end to the NRA’s
Selfish idiotic lunacy

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kimmy...I don't want responsible law abiding people to be denied guns, but i do not understand why these massive guns of destruction are available to the public...There is no good reason at all for there to be these machine guns and heavy artillery available just waiting for a nutcase to go off and use them for destruction...I am so saddened by all the bloodshed from these psychos who have easy access to military weaponry... I understand your frustration.   Good to see you on Cosmo, my friend...xo  Cherie

Gerard McGowan

Hi Kimmy, brilliant poetry, true in every way, I live in Ireland and as i watch all the mass shootings happen in America it baffles me, I just can't believe that it happens, I can't believe that innocent people are dying in this way, it's madness, I don't even know what to to think anymore.

Michael O'Boyle

I love to go to the shooting range. But I agree. Who needs those assault rifles? Yeah - for hunting. Surrrre. Nicely done Kimmy. Keep writing! I’ll keep reading.