Poem -


Last door on the right
Turned into a frail light.
Haunted by old shadows
That never relinquish.
Afar I see your face
Lit by the fires of Orion.
Helios and Etherium your consorts 
Arcturian the last warrior 
Set in to the night sky
My soul reaches upwards
Wanting to see up close
This miracle of an ancient God
Displayed for me to see.


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Cherie Leigh

HI Violet...The stars hold so much mystery and enigmatic charm and proof there is a God and a history there in the sky...Lovey verses.  xo ;)

Marion Price

This is great...I love the stars also...they make me feel lonely and completely in awe, stunned by the beauty and mystery in the same moment...nice write my friendđź’•