Poem -

Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Sombre dusk before the dawn,
Omnious, midst pattere of white,
Myriad in plight and mourn,
families lamentΒ betwixt the fright.

Silent & yet profound in blow,
Surreal of setting for many afar,
The world slows and stops midflow,
No peace to come from pleas this far.

Incessant hope resounds profuse,
The majority will secure our ways,
The minority will always refuse, obtuse,
Our actions ultimately affect our days.

Unfortunately hope is all we gain,
our rules are set to sustain our lives,
​​​​​​most will deliver yet few refrain,
hopefully few will fall and many will thrive.

Corona is of no laughing matter,
No cold or mere flu,
clueless, tomorrow is of no damming factor,
we must unite, me , & you!