Poem -

"Crossing the Divide"

"Crossing the Divide"

"A message of peace,
is spread across these pages,
to try to cease the war,
in you that wages.
The one that keeps you,
from His Son,
the one you may think,
the Devil's won,
but you're not beat,
get back on your feet!
I know a Loving God,
you should really meet.
He didn't give you life,
just to lie, steal, and use,
this gift He gave you,
can be something,
you don't want to lose.

In this moment,
let's both say a prayer,
and picture,
your dead loved ones,
standing right there,
in front of you,
that long for the old you,
that they once knew.
Now repeat after me.

'My sweet angels,
I now commit myself to God,
even if my old friends,
think now that I'm odd.
I'll do this for me,
but also for all of you,
so the vision,
God has showed you I can be,
can finally come true.'

'My darling child,
say this with heart,
say it with pride!
The Road to Heaven is narrow,
let's now cross The Divide.
Take My Hand,
it will never leave,
and this is something,
you have to believe.
A leap of faith,
is all it takes,
to change you for the better,
and the decisions you make.
The journey,
little one,
may seem daunting,
and your past,
may still be haunting,
but I'll teach you,
to let all of that go.
Come now with me,
or all of these things,
you'll never know.'"

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