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Damned If I do, damned if i don’t

Damned If I do, damned if i don’t

I’m damned if I do, yet I am damned if I don’t, I feel like I want to, but I know that I won’t.. will someone put me out my misery and tell me what an earth to do.. coz my life is in a pickle and I feel so blue.. whilst I realise I have a roof over my head full of lovely luxuries, I hate going to bed

Insomnia, tinnitus along with coughing every night, even restless legs bother me.. I have a consant fight.. I hate being me, it is so unfair coz I feel like I’m on my own with nobody out there.. always in the darkness of my lonely room, full of anxiety in my dreaded doom.. tho I’ve got myself in a sleepless stew, there’s nothing I can do.. so every time I am lay in bed, well I feel so blue

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al Bikaadi

Aw that's so sad... I've had seasons like that