Poem -

Dark Walker


The sojourner comes
With an ill fated wind
On a dark frozen night
a dark hooded figure
Will come about
He has no origins
It us unclear if he's dead
All that is known
He has the cold of 
The abyss on him
No fire can unchill him
No whisky can melt
The ancient silent 
of him that walks
The hounds do howl
When he comes to call 
A trail of grief
And an ocean of woe
Children mind your mother's
Elders take note and advise
keep the  unholy one down
From all the young ones
Say your prayers at night
Mind your manners well
Perhaps he will pass us by
And go straight to hell


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Marion Price

Ohhh...Violet, well, you've scared me..lol 😆😆

Violet Freese

Good that was kind of the idea. Hehe!
How are you Marion?  And your neck of the world since us Americans insist on airing our dirty laundry for the world to see ....your spot couldn't be too much worse.  At least the holidays are coming . Violet