Poem -

Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer

I may seem scared and weary
But I am not afraid of whoever you call yourself
As strong as you think you are,
My life isn’t a playground
Well, you took me by shock when you introduce yourself to me,
You told me that day: “IT’S THE END OF YOU”
Just then and only then,
I tend to shake from fear.
I froze for a moment.
I guess you celebrated at that moment.
Thinking that my numbness will turn cold and final
Alas, you excavated a wound that was never there within me
You let me bleed from nothingness
Making me believe I am worth no life
However, you were wrong!
My life is not that fragile 
I am young and vibrant
I refuse to sell my worth to you!
I refuse to give in!
I may suffer now but I will thrive
And I will survive…
Watch me.


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Mutshidzi Kwinda

I posted this poem last year when I was doing chemotherapy treatment and I thought I should repost it. Today I am a survivor and this poem is one of the things that kept me strong throughout the battle.

Mutshidzi Kwinda

Thank you so much Tina❤ I thank God for giving me the strength to fight against all odds