Poem -


Take off the skin you arrived in
I've been waiting
drawing poetry scars on waxed wooden floors
before you came up the fragrant slashed path
I dreamt so many fields
dreamt in every colour called

are you at last
the soul I want to explore
I hear you speaking wonders

each word caressed

laid in snow-covered graves


wasted traded days

eaten vomited nights

and death chose before times false praise

we beg to steal desire

yet death is my only hire


folded crime fist clenched

over crystal tales

pale white in leather throne

coded echo still defeats my years


Ankles draped in golden bangle

stretched on the marble ensemble my eyes in velvet sting of the courted shroud

closed in the open demise

tonight we dance

on a wild fountain

your resting place

my disguise



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Savage Skavege

well written. Dancing on what's dead of how you used to feel. To cover it in mystery as well; so enjoyed.