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Defining Truth Defies Das Democratic Thinker In The Age Of Trump

Defining Truth Defies Das Democratic Thinker In The Age Of Trump

"FAKE" assertions unstoppably
bandied with beef,
(sans doughty deeds done dirt cheap)
courtesy of commander in chief
trumpeted as a way to backout,

embarrassment analogous to the thief
of Baghdad, when culpable faux pas
woe philly pops thought balloon of mine
reckons with transparent "good grief"
within mind of yours truly,

who finds himself dumbstruck
aghast, and shaking noggin with disbelief
how people can be so gullible
who would just as lief
eat a pin cushion to deliver strep throat relief.

First amendment teeter totters on brink
of dissolution mainly by the rat fink,
whose defamation against journalists
risking life and limb, yet not shrink

king enlightening liberal minded, who think
similar to myself, imposter
hood drums utter rubbish
while feeling teed off puttering

along Mar a Lago,
or another owned golf link
resorting to silence protesters
whisked off to the klink.

Distortions, (nee outright
blatant lies) saturate
social media platforms,
which followers didst rate

as their numero uno slate
supposedly reliable sources
harkening back to papa retaliate
Tory Bush prez administration,

regarding patrilineal shogunate
where Iraq summarily
targeted for crashing Kuwait
violating, jeopardizing, and

compromising vital oil, literate
folks suspected, that critical
lubricant mandatory to resonate
greasing western civilization

particularly self anointed great
super power USA, hence
alarmists didst exaggerate,
whose military intelligence

industrial leaders got irate
contracting complex projecting
global economy would vacillate
and, perhaps take Kamikaze nosedive

hence procrastination could not wait
demanding based on sketchy accusation
Saddam Hussein, and his ilk ultimate
harbored weapons of mass destruction

despite lack of distilled proof,
would severely truncate
nary a trace sniffed out,
nonetheless damn the torpedoes blitzed

in an effort to triangulate
miscreant running amuck
eventually met demise
with Bush Junior delivering

permanently placating tete a tete,
no matter dispensing top notch
fighting soldiers, whose strong
lifeless bloodied bodies remain pro strate.

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