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Deimos state of the art Martian crash test dummy

Deimos state of the art Martian crash test dummy

Anthropomorphic test device to explore
amply, cheaply tricked out with super tramping,
albeit unsophisticated trappings ceiling to floor
(available for purchase at Dollar store)
nonetheless unmanned spacecraft made
perfect landing upon alien nation i.e. red

planet's moon Phobos, meanwhile corps
engineers back at the ranch (nondescript
building) hi-fived each other perfect score
housed astrophysicists who didst monitor
remote control desktop exhaling relief for

misplaced anticipatory
uneasy tense premature
panic/fear transferred
figurative reins more
or less to onboard robots

re: exchanged pleasant bonjour
all around - as mission
impossible (most swore
could not be pulled off
without a hitch) successful procedure
to launch humanoid cargo spurred roar

as international teammates
(former rivals) just recently at war
liberated mutual accolades did reassure
each other, abe linkedin pact enterprise
predicated - regarding good rapport
witnessed courtesy delicate

present endeavor bore
invariably promised cheers galore
since assignment on shoestring budget,
would reap bajillions to sponsor
manned near future
outer space excursion hefty price tag

guaranteed state of the art - fourscore
and seven years ago proclaimed
men/women analogous
to pioneers of yore
solar system the new "wild west"
since Earth hereinbefore

now did offer, testimony tour
ring outer limits twilight zone
no way Jose extempore
modus operandi ditched
humanity to pollinate cosmos
ghost of Carl Sagan
would applaud as fitting encore.

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