Poem -

Deja Vu

Deja Vu

Familiar thought comes close to pass,
Mirrored in ways I cannot fathom,
Swallowed in time of days of past?
Distant echoes across the chasm.

Bewildered I halt and view in slow,
Beguiled into dream, held in its grasp,
Surreal I recall forth events in flow,
That quickly vanish and evade my clasp.

Natural flow of life in play,
Frozen briefly if for a second,
As if in memory of yesterday,
Thoughts provoke, imagery beckoned.

Has my fate been played out before?
Have I seen this path in my stride?
For now, cast away to my minds allure,
I seek to pursue with nowhere to hide.


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Such a wonderful piece Simon. Life and all its twists and turn  are a mystery to us..we long to know the 'where' 'Why', 'If's' and 'when's' of life..A very interesting and readable write..thank you for sharing this with us. Lodigiana xx