Poem -

Deliberate with my Curves

I am most certainly deliberate with my curves
Carved out edges
Extreme with my shading
Loud with outlines
I am most certainly woman about all of me
You will hear it in the sweet melody that leaves my lips when I laugh
You will notice it in the amazing depth you see when looking into my eyes
I am most certainly outspoken about my right to exude such beauty
I am woman in all my conversations with the universe
I often lead with kindness
Follow with attentiveness
I am deliberate about the way I tend to nature
I am all woman that I tend to woman that wear their certainty like roots to trees
I attend to those with less certainty to remove what leads them astray from their beauty
I am most certainly unashamed of all the lines I see branching out like the earth branding me gracefully
I am unashamed by the holes plotting places to stop and tell a story about
I am such magnificent energy
I walk left to right as to waltz with the earth
I am such fine tuned energy
Not walking around to own but to hold and attend to,kiss and let go of
But things hardly want to let go
I am so deliberate about my curves

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Hello Neo...

If you only had a couple of curves you'd be a guy...


Great fun write!

Thank you for sharing...



Neo Dlomo

πŸ˜‚ A guy though?

Thank you so much for reading and having the sweetness to write to me.

Even bigger hug!!